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Editing Services

Lapidary Editorial is the premier editing service from Nicole Leigh Shaw and Robyn Welling.

Nicole and I are content/copy editors, with experience editing everything from novels to non-fiction anthologies. Before becoming a stay-at-home mother and freelance writer, Nicole was a production editor for Oxford University Press and has freelanced as a copyeditor for the last three years. I've also been copy editing for the last three years, as well as editing content for the sites In the Powder Room and CraftFail.

In addition to being professional editors and writers, both in print and online, we're also both New York Times best-selling authors. We've been published in five anthologies (combined), giving us personal experience with the publishing process.

As successful writers, we are uniquely attuned to our clients' desire to preserve their own voice and vision, while ensuring that voice is presented in the most clear, accessible, and (of course) grammatically correct manner possible. In short, we polish your work and make it shine!

Whether editing an anthology or a single manuscript, we offer a two-phase edit. One of us will do a content edit; the other will do a copy edit. We think two sets of fresh eyes are better than one.

For the content edit, the focus is on the quality of the writing, the theme of the manuscript, and the flow of the manuscript as a whole. At the same time we perform a rough edit for grammar and spelling. In an anthology, the main thrust will be editing and evaluating the strength and cohesiveness of the essays. In a single manuscript, we'll look for flow, ease of comprehension, and accessibility for the target audience. We'll provide extensive notes on our impressions as well as begin a style guide if one hasn't already been started.

Next, one of us will do a copy edit. This includes heavy grammar edits, adherence to the manuscript's style guide, and correction of formatting errors. We'll still have an eye out for content flow and readability, but if we are at this stage, we assume we are beyond the point of major rewrites or substantially changing the course of the manuscript.

If you'd like to try us on for size, we're happy to do a sample chapter or essay edit. Please note, some anthologies may incur extra fees if the editing is heavy or the essays are lengthy (over 1500 words each); please contact us to discuss rates specific to your manuscript. If you like our work and decide to hire us, we will deduct the sample edit fee from the overall price. At that point we can also offer our best estimation, based on the sample edit and the total manuscript word count, of the number of hours we would expect to spend on the project and total project cost.

Generally speaking, we need approximately 30 business days per editorial pass to complete the edits, but please contact us for our current timeline. Rush jobs can be considered, at an additional cost. Let's get started!




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