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Welcome to Hollow Tree Ventures - I'm so glad you're here! Feel free to look around, and be sure to let me know what you think;  I heart comments!  They make me feel like I'm not squandering my youth sitting at this computer (hey, you in the back - no laughing about the "youth" thing)...

Welcome to my blog,
where I rant and just generally
air out my dirty laundry.
The Blog

I started this blog as a way to stay in touch with family and friends, under the (perhaps erroneous?) assumption that they wanted to hear what was going on with us and see pictures of our five uncontrollable darling children. I had managed, all this time, to avoid joining Facebook to keep in touch based on the notion that it would be way too time-consuming, which now seems pretty laughable based on how much time I spend messing around with this blog. However, it's turning out to be good times, and has grown into this... whatever this is that you're looking at. Thanks for stopping by to check it out, though! I hope you have some laughs, or at least decide not to report me to any major government agencies.

Here's just a little info about me
About Me

Okay, not fascinating.  Mildly interesting?  At least not offensive?  Okay, maybe you just need to lower your standards.   It's my understanding that you're not legally allowed to have a blog without an About Me page, so here's mine.

I take photos. A lot of photos.
Not all of them are good
or feature people you know,
but here they are anyway.

It's true.  I do take a metric ton of pictures, which is compounded by the fact that my husband takes just as many with his phone. What's worse is that we'll take a ridiculous series of about 20 nearly identical pics any time something photo-worthy happens, such as our baby daughter being awake or the bigger kids walking to school (yes, these things happen pretty much  every day). This is why we end up with about eighty-hundred and eleven pictures every month being uploaded to our computer. At this point you can almost see them oozing out of the memory chips, or whatever the heck my computer uses to hold pictures inside it.

A great many things irritate me.
You too?  Let's compare pet peeves -
I'm willing to bet
I'm touchier than you are.
Pet Peeves

I have a lot of pet peeves. Is it one of my most attractive attributes? Hmm, probably not. But it does amuse me to no end. That is, when it isn't making me do the silent scream inside my head. Let's vent together, and we'll both be slightly less likely to unleash our fury in socially unacceptable ways.

Stick around.
Give me cash.
Reap the rewards of awesomeness.
Sponsors and Advertising

Do you want to be famous and successful and rich beyond your wildest dreams? Me too! We have so much in common, I can already tell we're going to be bestest friends. I have space available and ready to promote your business or blog. Contact me and we can work together to achieve new levels of mutually beneficial fantasticness! Fantasicism? Fantastaliciousness?

Let the world know you're funny
and cool, and look great doing it.
The Shoppe

By popular demand, now you can own a bit o' the blog and wear it proudly on your very own body, or perhaps display it in a shadow box in a prominent location in your home. T-shirts and other goodies are found in The Shoppe, with designs ripped straight out of the pages of HTV and from my Twitter ramblings. There are also sections for The Husband's funny designs, and ultra-cool artwork by our resident WonderBoy, Kennedy (perfect gifts for those impossible-to-buy-for teens in our lives, as well as uber-hip adults). Stop in, look around, and be sure to buy a ton of stuff - it helps support my two-box per day wine requirement.

I heart crafts! Sometimes I'll
come up with a halfway decent
idea that you might want to copy.
Craft Blog

Scrapbooking, paper crafts, sewing, jewelry, handmade cards...What's not to like about crafts? If you can take a pile of scrap felt, four beads, some patterned paper and a heart-shaped punch and somehow turn them into a last-minute gift to take to your kids' friend's birthday party that you totally forgot about until it was almost time to get in the car, then I think you owe it to society to do so. That's why if I come up with a project that someone else might think was fun/useful/non-ugly, I'll post pics and instructions. I call it Hollow Tree Crafts. Don't worry, though, I don't do stuff that's hard. No pressure. You don't even have to give me credit when people start telling you how awesome and creative you are.

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