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They like me, they really like me!

Or at least I assume they do. Why else would these very sweet, thoughtful, extremely good looking people give me awards? A big HTV thank you to all these folks...

Leslie of The Bearded Iris (ah lerve yer, ter, Lersler.)

I had some posts that were...

Things Motherhood Has Taught Me (a.k.a. Things I Wish I Didn't Know)
Mom's In Her Non-Mom Jean Jeans
The Parent To Kid Dictionary
Siblings Were Invented to Ruin Christmas

I won Funniest Post in the Craft Whores contest!

The judges said I was funniest for my sexy scrapbook entry.
'Cause I'm crafty - and funny - and also messed up in the head.

I also got some blogger love:

from my husband, my biggest fan/semi-professional dork

Nika at Just Another Tired Mommy

Paige at There's More Where That Came From

Vanessa at 5 Things About Nothing Important
Marian at Just Keep Swimming
Juicebox Confession
Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad

Emily of Rantings of a Writer by Emily L. Moir

Reanna of Rock the Single Life
Erin and Ellen at The Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms

CJ at Food Stories

Janice of Janice's Footsteps

Laura at Stroller Parking Only
One Funny Motha

One Funny Motha
Raising Wild Things

Carisa at MCarisa.com

Kristina at There's No Time For Pants
Jay at Crafty Spices

Sue of Wub Boo Mummy

Fishducky herself

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The Third Partier said...

I learn every day from the best. I can only aspire to the heights of dorkiness that you have scaled.

RobynHTV said...

See? There you go being supportive again. ;)

Unknown said...

I love you sporah, ila unaniuzi tu hujibu msg za watu wako facebook.

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