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As The Dollhouse Turns

It's the series you've been hearing about (or at least it's the series you're hearing about right now) - As The Dollhouse Turns, the daytime drama that takes place right inside my daughter's dollhouse. Come on in and meet the cast - and don't forget to join their neighborhood on Facebook!

Our heroine and one tired, overworked, wine-loving mama.

The husband. He means well, but... Sigh.

The Girls
The Girls
Sunny's three daughters: Charmeuse, Chenille, and Chiffon. They're, umm... a handful. Or three handfuls.

Episode 1: The Morning Routine
Sunny seems to take the morning's challenges in stride, though it might have something to do with the four pots of coffee.
Episode 2: Mother In Law
Who DOESN'T love it when their mother-in-law comes to visit unexpectedly to upset their routine and criticize everything they do? Oh, no one loves that? Yeah, Sunny doesn't care for it, either.
Episode 3: Boy Trouble
Uh-oh, Charmeuse has a boyfriend! Well, she did - until Buzz decided to give him a "talking to." With a shovel. (Introducing: Jimmy, the boyfriend, played by my son's Incredible Hulk.)
Episode 4: The New Neighbor
Sunny and Buzz decide to tour a house that's for sale down the street, which of course is perfect - much nicer than theirs. The lady who moves in is a little bit of a Ms. Perfect, herself. (Introducing Maggie, the new neighbor and overachieving mom extraordinaire.)
Episode 5: A Familiar Stranger
Sunny meets a mysterious stranger who seems oddly familiar - who could he be? Meanwhile, his flirting inspires Sunny to gather the girls for a night out! (Introducing Betty, Sunny's kinda slutty BFF.)
Episode 6: Girls' Night Out
Woot woot! Sunny, her wild friend Betty, and goodie-goodie Maggie make an interesting trio out at the club. And is that the familiar stranger I see, talking to Maggie?
Episode 7: Under Arrest
Buzz gets carted off to jail for a crime he didn't commit, and despite this golden opportunity to have the remote control all to herself, Sunny sets off to find the real identity of the perp.
Episode 8: The Disappearance
After learning the truth about Buzz and Maggie's sordid past, drinking a lot, and discovering the identity of the familiar stranger, Sunny's finally ready to spring Buzz from jail. But where the hell is he???
Episode 9: The Babysitter
Sunny had better hurry up and get home to the babysitter, who teaches us that if your sitter is always available, super nice, and loves your family, she might be a little too good to be true. (Introducing Beatrice, the babysitter who's perfect - except for one small detail.)
Episode 10: The Halloween Special
With all the excitement, Sunny forgot she'd invited everyone over for a costume party! Okay, she completely forgot it was Halloween. What will she serve? What will she hand out for treats? How many more freaking people are going to show up? And wait - who's that delivering the pizza?
A break from the drama to take a (hilarious) look behind the scenes.
Episode 11: Is that you?
The pizza delivery boy was Jimmy (Remember him, from Episode 3?), but he has amnesia! DUN DUN DUNNNNN! We also find out where Buzz has been all this time (Remember how he disappeared in Episode 8? No? Well, Sunny didn't miss him much, either.).

Episode 12: Black Friday
Sunny takes Jimmy to the doctor, but first she needs to make a quick stop at Target - on the busiest shopping day of the year.
Episode 13: Plot Twists Untied!
Screw this, it's getting too complicated. As a rare soap opera treat, all the plot lines are neatly tied up in one episode so we can get off the kidnapping/amnesia/murder plot crazy train. Plus, the best fight scene ever, and somebody throws up!
Episode 14: Christmas Special
The tree's too big, the kids screw up the decorations, and the gift opening is like a feeding frenzy. In other words, the family has a typical Christmas celebration.
Episode 15: Bedtime Nightmares
Sunny attempts the impossible - getting all her kids in bed, asleep, so she can get down to the important business of drinking wine and eating all the cookies she doesn't want to share with them.
Episode 16: Dinner Time
Keeping the family fed would sure be a lot easier if they didn't insist on eating every single day - especially when Sunny's in the mood to just drink her dinner.
Episode 17: What's Wrong?
Buzz may have forgotten Valentine's Day, but he can easily make up for it. Can't he?
Episode 18: Family Game Night
Everyone knows that the best thing about family game night is coming together as a family to remember why you all hate family game night.
Episode 19: Facebook Timeline
No one is immune to the time suck that is Facebook - not even our lovable cast of misfits. But how much trouble could they really get into on social media? Plenty, especially considering their multiple violations of Facebook etiquette.
Episode 20: Chenille's Birthday
Sunny planned an elaborate mermaid-themed party to celebrate Chenille's birthday. So naturally everything goes exactly according to plan, right? Um, no. Not even close.
Episode 21: Laundry Day
There's nothing quite as satisfying as getting all the laundry finished! Hahahaha, I'm just kidding - the laundry's never finished.
Episode 22: Grandpa's "Little Secret"
Can a prescription save the day when Grandma and Grandpa's love life starts to go south, or will the pill help a little too  much?
Episode 23: At The Beach
Lake vacations are all about rest and relaxation. Well, except for parents, of course.
Episode 24: Lice Outbreak!
In this episode, the adults handle a lice outbreak at school the best way they can - by freaking out.
Episode 25: Maria Kang-troversy
Fitness guru/fat shamer (depending on your opinion) Maria Kang is back in the news! Sunny responds with some attempts to shape up - and some answers to Maria's famous question, "What's your excuse?"

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