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Those Were the Days...But These Are the Days, Too

This post is sponsored by the Center for Parent and Teen Communication. All opinions (and memories!) are my own.

Born three months early, he fought with incredible strength in the NICU to get healthy enough to come home. He’d spend hours meticulously lining up Matchbox cars on the dining room floor, and wore Batman or Jedi costumes everywhere we went. I remember how she cried the day he left for kindergarten, missing her best friend and favorite playmate—then laughed with her head thrown back when the bus brought him home every day. She could make a game or silly story out of even the most mundane trip to the grocery store, and cared for the roly poly bugs in the garden like cherished pets.

That same inner strength took him out of his comfort zone to join clubs and sports in high school to find friends who shared his interests. He spends hours meticulously studying online tutorials to teach himself guitar, piano, and vocals, and asks to shop at thrift stores because he wants to wear clothes that don’t look like everyone else’s. And she, faced with her best friend moving to another school, laughs with her head thrown back as they talk on the phone, their friendship unchanged by distance. She keeps us entertained on long car trips and family dinners with wild, inventive “what if” scenarios and amazes me with her limitless recollection of marine biology facts.

Some days I feel like I'm reaching out blindly for the next steps on my parenting journey, but underneath it all my 16-year-old is still the same level-headed, free thinking fighter he was starting as a 2lb 10oz preemie, and my 13-year old is still the same fun, animal-loving problem solver she’s always been.

This video got me in the feels—if you have teens (or, if your kids are preschoolers but you’re gearing up for teenagerhood a little early), it’ll probably have the same effect on you:

It’s all explained so well in this piece from Dr. Ken Ginsburg at the Center for Parent and Teen Communication. As tough as parenting teens can seem, it all feels a little simpler when you think about who they were as wee ones—and realize that deep down they’re still the same people today.

Check out (and share!) their resources on navigating the teen years, and let me know—what are some of your favorite memories of your kiddo as a baby, and what incredible things are they up to now?

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