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My Worst-Kept Cleaning Secret

The life cycle of clutter begins with small, manageable collections of things you’ll deal with later: a neat stack of mail you don’t have time to read, a broken toy you can’t fix right now because it’s lunch time, a few pairs of shoes that seem to multiply by the door.

The collections grow. Neat stacks become piles. Piles become mounds. Mounds are occasionally manhandled back into something approximating neat stacks.

Don’t get me wrong, my husband and I aren’t slobs . . . exactly. We don’t leave molding pizza boxes lying on our coffee table, and we’re rarely more than seven loads behind on the laundry. However, we do enable each other’s tendency to clutter; he ignores my teetering columns of 12×12 scrapbooking paper, I overlook his “change tray” that’s so full of change (and spare keys and old receipts and paper clips) that I only know there’s a tray under there from memory.

So what makes us finally clean — and why is my 4-year-old so excited about HELPING us clean?

Find out on BonBon Break, where I'm sharing The Simple Cleaning Tip That's Hard To Explain. It's sort of hilarious, extremely embarrassing, and definitely something you'll be tempted to try yourself!

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