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Win This Tablet = Win This Summer

She is totally coloring by letter here, which I'm only showing you to illustrate how cute and education this is, and not at all to brag that she (apparently) knows her letters.

Do you see that? It's a picture I took of my 4-year-old when I ordinarily would have been telling her to get off her tablet (or at least feeling guilty that I wasn't telling her to get off her tablet) because I was busy taking pictures instead of feeling The Mom Guilt.

Okay, in hidsight I do feel a bit guilty that I had it propped up with the cord bent all wonky underneath like that, since that's probably not good for the charger, but now we're getting way off topic. TRY TO FOCUS, PEOPLE.

The educational experts and all-around nice folks at School Zone sent us a Little Scholar 8-inch educational kids' tablet to try out (see, wasn't that nice?) and said they'll send one out to the winner of this giveaway, too (wasn't that even nicer?!?), but first you should know why you want one, besides the lack of The Mom Guilt and the fact that you still have every opportunity not to bend the cord all wonky...

  • It's loaded with over 200 educational, fun apps geared perfectly by age to preschoolers, kindergarteners and first graders, which, if I'm being honest, I also sort of wanted to play.
  • It's also loaded with a bunch of "Start to Read" books that include audio tracks, so if you're super busy you can encourage kids to have a voice read to them that's pre-programmed to be patient with their constant interruptions (not that kids would ever interrupt while you're reading EVERY TWO SECONDS).
  • Your kid can use it with or without wifi, so no whining in the car on summer road trips that they're bored as soon as you're out of tower range, and no racking up $563 worth of overage on your data plan.
  • Parental controls let you easily do nifty stuff like block the Internet, so your preschooler doesn't hop online and order herself 10 more of these awesome gadgets.
  • There are front and rear cameras — now your children can store all their up-close nostril selfies on their own tablet instead of your phone!
  • You can download even MORE apps from the School Zone Market or the Amazon App Store, so seriously, you could keep using this thing forever or until your second grader drops it in the toilet, whichever comes first.

The lessons these apps teach include math, reading, spelling, logic, creativity, and geography, but — and here's the important part — your children will NEVER EVEN KNOW you're tricking them into learning. HAHAHAHAHA, suckers. The educational stuff is cleverly disguised in I Spy games, animated flashcards, puzzles, word searches, drawing programs and other cool stuff that your kids will keep begging to play — and you'll keep feeling good about saying yes.


The Little Scholar is finally available in stores (new for this year is an updated tablet, new accessories including a carrying case AND plush from their own educational series, Charlie and Company, which Madeline was extremely impressed with as you can see above because it has adorable embroidered paws and because it made the perfect boyfriend for some random stuffed dog she had which concerns me just a tiny bit but I'm seeking therapy for it so no worries). I strongly encourage you to run out and snag one, but before you go be sure to enter the giveaway below for a chance to WIN A TABLET FOR FREE:

1) For one entry, leave a comment here telling me what you're going to love about this tablet - seeing the radiant smile on your child's face, getting five spare minutes to listen to yourself think, whatever, no judging.

2) For another entry, follow me on Instagram for no good reason other than Instagram is fun - and leave a blog post comment here letting me know you did!

3) For yet another entry, follow me on Pinterest because it's one of my favorite places to find new stuff to never do and giggle at silly memes. Then (you guessed it) leave a blog post comment here letting me know you did!

I'll select a winner at random at 12 noon EST on Friday, June 26th. If unable to contact the winner within 48 hours, I'll select another random winner until SOMEONE wins this fantastic gizmo. Good luck!

I received product in exchange for this post, but all opinions are my own — as if you could get me to shut up about my opinions! Also, this post may contain affiliate links which will never cost you more dollah dollahs to use, but pass a small percentage of the sale back to me in order to cover expenses like my stuffed-dog-with-a-boyfriend-related therapy.

I hope you enjoyed yourself while you were here - and I hope you come back! Please share inappropriate giggles with me on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook, or subscribe via email so you don't miss a thing!


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