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Top 5 Health and Fitness Fads For 2015

I saw an article the other day - and I am being 100 percent serious here - that said maple syrup is the new athletic superfuel. I eat maple syrup all the time and I'm no athlete, although technically the article didn't specify what effect the giant pile of waffles underneath my syrup might have.

Anyway, I thought kale, quinoa, acai berrries, and other foods with a Scrabble score over 126 were the "superfoods" we're supposed to blend into smoothies or rub onto our cuticles or whatever. Are those still trending? Are we still oil pulling? Is Zumba still a thing? Hot yoga?!? I can't keep up anymore.

Can we all just agree that the health and fitness fad craze has gotten completely out of control?

The Internet is full of articles detailing the latest trends in health and fitness; I'm getting worn out just reading them, and I haven't even started exercising or slathering rainforest extracts onto my hair yet! If you've somehow missed the updates though, and you thought the macrobiotic diets and Master Cleanses of 2014 were wild, you're in for a healthy, heaping dose of what-the-hell-is-going-on-here.

Over on momdotme I'm throwing my hat in the ring as the next Internet crazy person to create a health fad sensation! These tips and tricks and exercise routines sound just as fancy as ear candling and detox diets, except these ACTUALLY WORK. Guaranteed! Check out the top 5 crazy health fads I'd like to see in 2015 - and I'll see you in the syrup aisle.

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