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10 Things That Are More Interesting Than Jared Leto’s Shocking Viral Haircut

Is anyone else already sick of hearing about Jared Leto's long, flowing ombre locks, which he apparently cut off recently in preparation for playing the Joker in the upcoming movie, Suicide Squad?

Who am I kidding, most women my age trailed off while reading that first sentence to reminisce about 1994 Jared Leto.

OMG, the brooding.
Just between you and me and the entire rest of the Internet, I was never a fan of the "man bun" anyway, nor the manny-tail/male ponytail. I don't have anything against it - hey, my beloved husband had long hair when I met him! Granted, we didn't get together until, like, 13 years later - after he'd shaved his head - but he was hot either way. I'm sure the hair thing was just a coincidence, and the fact that we didn't get married sooner was possibly more closely related to both of us being in long term relationships/marriages with other people during those 13 years.

But I digress.

You see how easy it is for me to get sidetracked while talking about pretty man-tresses? I did looooove me some My So-Called Life back in the day, though (it took me until about 2005 to forgive Claire Danes for trying to date Jared, aka my so-called imaginary boyfriend) so I'm honoring his new 'do with a list.

10 Things That Are More Interesting Than Jared Leto’s Shocking Viral Haircut

1. Balancing someone else's checkbook.

2. Mopping the brown slush off the garage floor.

3. Taking notes at a time-share presentation.

4. Picking the marshmallows out of your toddler's cereal.

5. Sifting through the $1 DVD bin at Walmart.

6. Binge-watching reruns of "My So-Called Life.”

7. Wondering if he still looks like Jordan Catalano under that beard.

8. I mean, he is a good-looking guy.

9. And that hair was pretty nice.


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