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I STILL Just Want To Pee Alone

At my house, we have the stupidest doorknobs in the world.

The saddest part is that these are the replacement knobs; our old doorknobs were stupid, too, but I hate the new ones so much that I can't even remember anymore what was wrong with the others. At this point, though, as long as the old ones weren't actively engulfed in flames I'm pretty sure they're superior to our current setup.

Really, I don't care so much about most of the knobs - it's mainly the bathroom one I hate, because it has two settings:
1) Constantly popping open randomly so you don't notice until after you've washed your hands that the bathroom door has been cracked two inches the whole time you were in there, or

As a result of not wanting to be stuck in the bathroom until I'm forced to sustain myself on a stew made from strawberry bubble bath and slivers of Irish Spring, I rarely lock the bathroom door. And as a result of rarely locking the bathroom door, I'm pretty much never in there alone.

Hey, they should make a humor anthology about that!

Oh wait, a bunch of us did - remember I Just Want To Pee Alone, the gigantic national best-selling hit full of hilarious parenting stories? Of course you do. Well, we're all in luck because the next anthology in the series, I STILL Just Want To Pee Alone, will be available on March 27th! And I'm in this one, too!

It's just as full of relatable laugh out loud, cry along, nod in agreement stories as the first, so follow along via subscription and the social media links below to get updates and notifications about the upcoming release! And while you're waiting, check out this amazing list of contributors - some are old friends and some are new friends, but they're all fabulous writers.

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UPDATE: It's here!!! Check out I Still Just Want To Pee Alone on Amazon - buy it, read it, love it, and please don't forget to leave us a review - we LOVE reviews! Thank you for your support!

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