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It's a Good Thing Kids Aren't Embarrassing...

Remember back before you had kids, how you'd get uncomfortable when people talked about things like mucous plugs, or get embarrassed if someone barged into the bathroom while your pants were down?

HAHAHAHA, that's adorable.

Parents know there's little room for personal space or standards of decency - at least not once those kids come along. To really see how your tolerance for embarrassment has changed, check out Your Modesty: Before and After Kids on momdotme for all-too-true comparisons like...

Before Kids: Public restrooms are a convenient spot to pee.

After Kids: Public restrooms are a convenient spot for your toddler to loudly ask why your butt is so jiggly.

Before Kids: Tampons are kept hidden discreetly in your purse.

After Kids: Your kids use tampons for sword fighting. At the dinner table. When you're out at a restaurant.

OH, DON'T ACT LIKE IT'S NEVER HAPPENED TO YOU!!! See more stuff that once was humiliating, and now is just a typical Tuesday, here!

article about your modesty before and after kids by Robyn Welling @RobynHTV

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