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Pinterest-Ready Mom Fashion Layouts

Funny Pinterest-style fashion layouts for moms by Robyn Welling @RobynHTV
I see gorgeous collections of stylish clothes on Pinterest all the time, and I love them - but I exist so far outside the realm of current fashion that I had to actually poll my friends to ask what these Pinteresty collections are called.

We settled on "fashion layouts," but it turns out none of my fellow moms were entirely sure either. Maybe that's because no matter how much we admire them, few of us can afford $250 suede boots, even if they would look perfect with that asymmetrical cashmere wrap (which we'd have jelly smeared on within five minutes). And no sane mama would risk having that trendy multi-layer beaded necklace ripped off her neck by curious baby hands, nor could she fit her diapers and wipes into that adorable leather clutch.

That's why we need fashion layouts for moms. Because we have our very own style, and it's time we gave our wardrobes the Pinterest treatment!

Funny Pinterest-style fashion layouts for moms BASICS by Robyn Welling @RobynHTV

The Mom Fashion Basics Collection includes a white t-shirt and black yoga pants, perfect for everyday wear. From an overflowing diaper bag to dark glasses for disguising your under-eye bags, this collection has everything you need. A gigantic mug of coffee (AS FAR AS ANYONE KNOWS) keeps you going, while stickers slapped onto your legs by your kids pull double duty, covering stains and adding colorful flair!

Of course, motherhood frequently takes you beyond the basics - you need trendy, practical outfits for all sorts of scenarios! So go see the rest of these FABULOUS collections on momdotme, in Pinterest-Ready Fashion Layouts For Moms!

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