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New Year's Resolutions the Smart and Lazy Way!

I'm going to come right out and fully admit that I suck at keeping New Year's Resolutions.

What I really excel at, though, is making New Year's Resolutions that I don't HAVE to keep, which is how I uncovered the secrets to making realistic resolutions. Or maybe I mean "realistic" resolutions. Whatever.

In any case, I've gone one better this year.

Everyone focuses on improving themselves in the new year, but let's face it - wouldn't your life be improved a lot more quickly and easily if certain other people in your life made some changes instead?

So this year, rather than make a bunch of promises about my own behavior that everyone knows I'm just going to break and/or forget about by the second week of January, I'm going to make some resolutions for other people. That way, when 2015 rolls around and none of these people do what I told them to do - and as a result absolutely nothing about my life changes in any way - it isn't my fault! Same results I always get from resolutions, but without the guilt!


If you want to hop on board, I have some ideas for great resolutions - and who needs to make them - over on momdotme with New Year's Resolutions For Other People! Check them out, and then let me know who you think should promise to make your life better in the new year!

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