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Birth Order: A Definitive Guide To Which Is Best

The ultimate guide to which spot is BEST in birth order - oldest, middle, youngest or only! @RobynHTV

When I was growing up, my brother used to torment me by swinging one of my dolls around by the leg, even though (in my high-pitched, screechy little girl voice) I made it perfectly clear that she didn't like being dizzy - or thrown unceremoniously against the wall.

When he got bored with that, he would hide my beloved Blankie, or force me to build my genius Lego creations using only his rejected blue one-block bricks, or pretend to tickle me from a quarter inch away (which he excused by pointing out that he technically wasn't touching me).

Yes, he's my older brother - could you tell?

Similarly, as the youngest, I had ways of tormenting him back. I was an expert at getting him in trouble when he hadn't done anything wrong, I stole his high school yearbook full of uber-private "Have a great summer - K.I.T!" messages and mocked him mercilessly, and my knee perpetually found its way over to "his side" of the car.

We each always griped that the other had it best - I was jealous that he got to do everything before I did, he hated that I got away with murder - but at the same time, like most siblings, we fiercely defended our spot in the birth order as Absolute Best.

But which spot is best?

I did an in-depth study on the pros and cons of each birth order placement - oldest, middle, youngest and only child - based on minutes and minutes of research and making stuff up in my head. As a result, I've determined which one WINS. The answer?

All of them.

No matter which place you hold in your family, find out why your spot is the best - then share the list with your brothers and sisters and friends. They'll be sure to appreciate your good news!

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