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5 Reasons Not To Have Holiday Traditions With Your Kids

Do you have family holiday traditions? You probably do, if you have a family and celebrate one or more of The Holidays.

But you probably shouldn't bother, and here's why: What many of us call "traditions" are really just "annual bad habits that we refuse to let die."

Nevertheless, perhaps in a misguided attempt to paint my family into an idealistic Norman Rockwell scene every Christmas, I've nurtured a few holiday traditions with my kids. I want to build a foundation of happy childhood moments they'll recreate with their own children someday, plus it would sure be nice if we could just PLEASE SHARE SOME MAGICAL MEMORIES, ALREADY!

Unfortunately, the vision of holiday jubilation I strive to bring to life almost always goes out of focus at some point, making me sort of wish I'd just spiked my eggnog and waited for January to roll around instead.

5 Family Holiday Traditions I Wish I'd Never Started With My Kids by @RobynHTV

Please help yourself to a few misshapen, sloppily iced tree-ish looking cookies and then head over to momdotme, where I'm sharing the 5 holiday traditions I regret ever starting. Then, if you don't mind, bring me back a cup of coffee; these cookies might be harder than bricks, but they aren't going to eat themselves!

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