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Thanksgiving Kids' Tables - the root of all evil, probably

In case you're unaware, children of large families traditionally spend Thanksgiving dinner at a rickety card table in the living room eating off an old stained tablecloth, because the Big Table is suddenly crammed with distant aunts and uncles and grandparents (and mothers who want to spend one stinking meal per year cutting up their own food while it's still warm without their much-needed glass of wine getting knocked over). This is known as the Kids' Table.

You'd think chaos would reign among the children at the kids' table with no parental supervision, but it's often surprisingly civil—leading moms to suspect that it's during Thanksgiving dinner when many of their kids' most devious holiday plots are hatched. So, if your kids seem a little too quiet at the big holiday dinner this year, maybe it's because they're having conversations like the ones I've imagined over on momdotme, in Thanksgiving Conversations Moms Imagine Happen at the Kids' Table. If you like holiday humor that's about as dry as my turkey, I think you're gonna want to dig in.

Hilarious Thanksgiving conversations moms imagine happen at the Kids' Table by Robyn Welling @RobynHTV

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