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Kim Kardashian's Butt Has Nothing On Mine

I'm assuming most people on the planet have now been subjected, against their will most likely, to the recent images of Kim Kardashian on Paper Magazine in her attempt to #breaktheinternet.

Source: Paper / Jean-Paul Goude

Naturally that one isn't the image that's making headlines, but I'm sure as heck not posting Kimye's bare buns (or bare anything else) on my blog. I like to keep it clean around here.

I also like to keep it real, though, which is why I made this spoof.

I'll take coffee and maternity jeans over champagne and sequins any day.

And no, I'm not wearing maternity jeans for THAT reason. I just like to keep them around for birth control insurance, since I know I'll get pregnant the second I give them away. I also like to keep them around in case I need a ridiculous photo of myself in maternity pants. Obviously. Don't act like you don't have a Parody Photography wardrobe in a pile at the bottom of your closet, too! Oh, just me? Well, now, this is awkward.

Special thanks and photo credit to the incredibly patient and ever-hilarious
Nicole Leigh Shaw, Writer. The mad Photoshopped coffee skillz are mine and are going straight on my resume.

UPDATE: Also, thanks to the Today Show website for featuring me and my elastic-panel pants on their front page in this fab article!

ANOTHER UPDATE!?! For my other mom-centric (safe-for-work) spoofs of Kimye's pics and a BRILLIANT parody of the KK interview, check out Robyn Welling Will Never Break the Internet by my hilarious friend, Ilana of Mommy Shorts!

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