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If Twitter Existed In History

I loves me some Twitter. (<--- That's a super-subtle link to my Twitter account. Did you catch that? You could stop over and say hi or something! If you wanted to, or whatever...) Aaaanyway, a long while back, I saw a hashtag trending over there: #IfTwitterExistedInHistory.

People were hopping in with their take on what kind of tweets you might see if Twitter existed way-back-when.

It was funny.

Then, because I'm a nerd, I started thinking about what women in history might actually tweet.

But then, I forgot about it.

But then I remembered again, and I made myself giggle while mocking up some fake tweets, like this one:

If Twitter Existed In History, Women Edition article by Robyn Welling @RobynHTV - Cleopatra tweet

And then, I put a bunch of them over on momdotme, in an article called If Twitter Existed In History - Women Edition. So please, if you enjoy Twitter and/or history and/or nerdy jokes and/or women, pop over and take a peek - and tell me, what historical tweets would YOU like to see???

If Twitter Existed In History, Women Edition article by Robyn Welling @RobynHTV

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