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Hilarious Horoscopes For Toddlers

As a parent, do you ever feel like the stars are aligned against you?

If it makes you feel better, maybe SOMETIMES THEY ARE.

Okay, that's unlikely to make you feel better, but still - wouldn't it be nice if there were some way we could take a peek into the future, check the forces that are driving our wee ones' lunatic behavior and be just a little bit prepared?

Okay, we're unlikely to ever be prepared, so maybe let's just laugh instead and pretend like these toddler horoscopes are for real - because really, they might as well be.

Aries: You'll need to be extra persistent with your repetitions of "why" today - Mom's patience is in the irritated house of Because I Said So.

Cancer: A stubborn ascendant in your third house of Mischievousness means this isn't a good time for change; resist potty training, making new friends at playdates, and sampling slightly unfamiliar foods.

Sagittarius: Using your words might not be such a bad idea, after all! Screaming "MINE!" is likely to produce desirable results when you attempt to resolve an upcoming ownership dispute.

See more of what the future of every toddler (and, by extension, every parent) holds over on momdotme in my latest article, Horoscopes For Toddlers!

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