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Volunteering at School - In 5 Pie Charts

I'm willing to bet that most of you out there with school-age children have spent at least a few hours volunteering at your kids' schools. I bet it was super-duper rewarding, too! I mean, unless you were actually awake.

I'm joking, of course (especially if any of my children's teachers read this blog), but to be honest I don't think volunteering is exactly what any of us expected.

With a kid in middle school, one in elementary, and a toddler who'll be ready for preschool all too soon, I started thinking about what my expectations used to be regarding my (at that time) future school volunteerism experiences. I imagined all the things I would get accomplished during that hour in the classroom, how wonderful it would be to hold my child's hand and experience a field trip through her eyes as I chaperoned her class safely through the day, the blissful squeals of joy I would hear from happy children as I protectively watched over them at recess.

HAHAHAHAHAHA. I know, I was dumb.

Anyway, as a public service I thought I'd share the truth about what the experience is really like. Please join me at momdotme, where I've created five informative pie charts showing exactly how you'll really spend your time as a school volunteer.

How Your Time Is Really Spent Volunteering At Your Kid's School in 5 Funny Pie Charts by Robyn Welling @RobynHTV

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