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The Diary of a Crazy Pregnant Lady

Not too long ago, I found one of my pregnancy journals.

Never heard of a pregnancy journal? It's a book in which expecting moms document the food cravings, nightly wacky dreams and monthly torturous weigh-ins of pregnancy. In other words, it's a journal full of writing, photo prompts and milestone documentation with which pregnant ladies torment themselves for the nine months before they get to start stressing about keeping up-to-date on writing, photo prompts and milestone documentation in the baby book.

What I found in those pages made me laugh, and laugh, andlaughandlaughand laugh. Why? Stop by momdotme to read actual excerpts from the journal I kept when I was pregnant for the first time - along with my current-day commentary about how stupid I was - in my latest embarrassment: Rediscovering the Diary of a Crazy Pregnant Lady!

Funny reflections on stupid things I wrote in my first pregnancy journal! by Robyn Welling @RobynHTV

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