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7 Rules For a Happy Marriage

I don't mean to brag, but I'm kind of a marriage expert.

Of course by "expert," I just mean I have a lot of experience. And by "experience," I mean I've failed miserably at marriage, I've tried to learn from my mistakes and I've enjoyed the benefits of a happy second marriage (five years so far — FINGERS CROSSED)!

The bulk of marital disagreements seem to stem from a few core issues, and disagreements in general tend to stem from a lack of compromise. Since I'm pretty well-versed at what works — and what really, really doesn't work — I figured I'd share a few essential ground rules all couples should agree on concerning these core issues, before one of you decides that the next time you find a dirty sock on the floor right next to the #$@% hamper you're going to pack your bags and burn the house down behind you.

You think I'm joking (and I am!) (sort of), but resentment can build quickly in a relationship if you're not careful. So let's meet over at momdotme to sort out these major sources of sore feelings before anyone gets all arson-y over it, in 7 Compromises All Married Couples Need To Make!

7 Compromises All Married Couples Need To Make by Robyn Welling @RobynHTV

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