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Things That Have Lasted Longer Than Kim and Kanye's Marriage: Parenting Edition

Congrats to "KimYe" (she said, as if she were totally hip to Internet lingo)! The couple just recently beat Kim Kardashian's previous marriage record of an impressive 72 days. However, as great as that is for Kim and Kanye, parents still aren't really all that impressed yet - we'll celebrate when their vows have outlasted some of these things.

Kardashian marriage versus parenting by Robyn Welling @RobynHTV

Terrible Twos
Even More Terrible Threes
Post Lice-Outbreak Paranoia
A Kidz Bop CD
A 5-Year-Old Making Her Own Peanut Butter Sandwich
The Stomach Flu That Was Going Around
Tantrums Caused By The BLUE Cup Being Dirty
Searches For Lost Blankies
An Episode of Caillou
Second-Grade Music Concert
Assembling a Crib
Cutting Your Kid's Bangs Straight
Explanations of How Minecraft Works
A Typical Wait at the Pediatrician's Office
The Pain In Your Finger When You Pinch It In the Car Seat Buckle
Getting a Baby Into a Onesie
Getting a Toddler Into Snow Pants
A Child Deciding Which Flavor of Ice Cream To Order
Figuring Out "Who Started It"
Calming a Child's Fear Of Auto-Flush Toilets
Mopping Up Hawaiian Punch
PTA Meetings
Locating Your Child's Left Flip Flop
Applying Sunscreen
Cleaning Up After a Diaper Blow-Out
Pretty Much Anything

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