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I'm Not a Perfect Parent

I'm going to say something very shocking right now.

I'm not a perfect parent.

It's true! I know, hard to believe. But, I'm trying to be better every day.

No, wait. That's a lie.

Here's the real truth that no one wants to say, including me - I'm not a perfect parent, but I can't claim I really try to be better every day. Not really. That's a sentiment for an inspirational quote on Pinterest, not for real life. In real life, I do want to be better every day. And, like most parents, I end many days feeling guilty about the various ways I wish I had done a better job. Been more patient. Stopped to play more. Communicated more clearly. Listened. But can I honestly say I do something about it every day?


Because then tomorrow comes and the same stresses are there, the same triggers, the same responsibilities, the same issues that caused problems yesterday. And I continue dealing with them using the same parenting tools I had the day before.

I am not a perfect parent - on MomAssembly by Robyn Welling @RobynHTV

For example, I live with a toddler. She's sweet as apple pie, but she does like to test boundaries, because... toddler. And I'll admit that, on occasion (frequently), I'll give in to her third (and fifth, and forty-seventh) demand for "just one more" because, frankly, I lack the energy to argue about it and I could never really see a way to enforce the limit I'd set (such as, "Hey, probably 82 pieces of gum is enough for one day") without dealing with a giant tantrum.

I am not a fan of tantrums.

But that's okay, because I'll be dealing with fewer of them now. Now, I have MomAssembly.

Co-founded in 2012 by Jill Spivack and Jen Waldburger, MomAssembly is an interactive online video-education site, where you can go any time, day or night, to get real, expert advice on exactly the topics you need (like power struggles, sleep problems, first aid, discipline and raising kids in the digital age, to name a few) in nearly 50 video courses. Each one has a short clip you can watch to see if it's right for you, and the courses are broken down into 5-10 minute classes - so you can fit them into your schedule easily.

I'm not kidding when I say these courses blew my mind. They explain what to do, how to do it, and why to do it in terms that have truly given me "ah-ha" moments that will change the way I parent.

So, after putting Madeline to bed one night (which involved "just one more story" about 400 times) I turned on a course about setting limits and making them stick. They set up some awfully (painfully) familiar parenting scenarios, and since I'm a skeptic deep in my cold, dark heart, I was thinking, "Okay, let's see how they expect us to get out of this kid's argument!" Ten minutes later I was like, "OH, YOU CAN DO IT WITHOUT ARGUING?!?!?"

Seriously. It sounds super dumb when I type it out like that, but they actually had a realistic way to handle setting limits and STICKING TO THEM that didn't result in freak outs (from toddler or Mom). Here's a clip so you can see what I mean:

Even if your toddler never tests your limits (hahahahahahaha - liar) there's sure to be a course you'll love, and you can start with a free trial to decide if you want a monthly subscription. They have courses (browse them here) that cover birth through age five, plus some just for mom and dad. And lucky you, if you're one of the first 10 folks to sign up here, you'll get a free month! You'll just need to sign up for a plan first, then you'll be notified by Jill or Jen if you've won at the end of your free trial period. So what're you waiting for?

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post, but the opinions and the new-found peace in my household are all my own.

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