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Why Back-To-School Shopping is Awesomely Awful

I love back to school time! Crisp (still unstained, hole-free) clothes are laid out on the bed. Fresh pencils are sharpened. There's a general buzz of excitement in the air as my kids fill brand new backpacks with empty notebooks, the blank pages just waiting to be filled with class notes (okay, fine - and mostly doodles).

I get a weird, school-supply-geek high from seeing all the glue sticks, boxes of tissues and unused pens spread out on the dining room table at the end of August. We haven't yet sunken into the November doldrums or started complaining about homework; the school year is still stretched out before us, full of promise, like a neatly organized box of 64 washable markers that still have all their caps.

However, actually doing the back-to-school shopping is a different story.

Find out why I love - and hate - back to school shopping on momdotme, and let me know if you agree!

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