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26 Unfortunate Parenting Truths

Parenting has its share of happy moments, of funny things that toddlers say and sweet cuddles with a book at bedtime. I would say it's 90 percent completely awesome, give or take a handful of tantrums.

But no one — and I mean no one — expects it to be perfect all the time. They know there will be fights, food feuds and frustrations. So many frustrations.

But not just the obvious ones, like the complete and utter lack of sleep or logic you deal with on the daily. Moms and dads also encounter a surprising number of smaller, unavoidable frustrations, like Murphy's Laws that are unique to parenting.

You know about Murphy's Law, right? The theory that anything that can go wrong, will? Yes, of course you do — soon enough, all parents know it, because they live with it every day.

Don't think so? Consider the funny, universal parenting truths I wrote about over on mom.me: 26 Murphy's Laws of Parenting!

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