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What Your Summer Bucket List Says About You

With just about a month of summer vacation remaining for many of us (and NO summer vacation remaining for those of you who already started school again this week - WHAT???), a lot of parents are reflecting on all the things they'd planned on doing while their kids were out of school. Whether you've already crossed everything off your list or you're just now getting ready to maybe start to consider telling the kids to turn off their devices so you can possibly organize some kind of activity or something, what you put on your summer bucket list says a lot about you.

Go camping: You like the smell of DEET but hate comfort.

Read: Your kids are going away to camp for a week or more.

Play catch: You're trying to recapture the summers of your youth.

Play Frisbee: You're trying to salvage the summers of your kid's youth, while sustaining a knee injury.

Outdoor concert: You want to do something cultural in case the teacher asks them what they did over summer break.

Roast marshmallows: If they insist on getting sticky and amped up, you figure at least they can do it outside.

Travel: You've developed amnesia since the last time you traveled with children.

Trip to the Zoo: The hot sun beating down in your hot backyard isn't hot enough for you.

Picnic: You're willing to eat lunch on the ground if it means you don't have to clean up your kids' crumbs and spilled beverages again.

Swim at the lake: You want to swim, but you also want to feel like you need a shower afterwards.

Swim at the pool: You've run out of ideas.

Never fear, though - even if you haven't accomplished a single solitary thing all summer long, it's still not too late to accomplish everything on your summer bucket list! Well, everything on an "updated" summer bucket list, anyway.

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