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How My Kids Have Ruined Parenting, Sort Of

Did you hear about the guy who thought he'd booked a flight to Granada, Spain, but ended up being flown to the Caribbean island of Grenada instead? When I saw the story, I couldn't help but feel a pang of jealousy — Why don't I ever accidentally end up on a tropical beach? — but I soon realized that, as a mom, this sort of thing happens to me almost every day.

When I became a mother, I knew right where I was headed. I had plans! I had an itinerary! A figurative map of my life as a parent was laid out before me, pins neatly placed in all the milestones and destinations I wanted to see.

I quickly learned, however, that moms often find themselves far from the path they'd planned.

For example, I carefully tracked what my first child ate, plotted each bite of homemade puree and waited three days between introducing new foods to watch for allergies. I was determined that my children's diets would be wholesome, all-natural and, above all, SAFE!

And then things quickly veered off course.

Stop over at NickMom to read the rest, where I dish up the many, manymany (funny) ways my children thwart my attempts to have a clue about what I'm doing as a parent, in

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