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Eliminating the Scruff 'Stache and Saving Your Sons

Anyone who has a growing son (or remembers high school) knows exactly what I mean by the "scruff 'stache." It's that horrible wanna-be facial hair that boys cultivate as they grow older because they're just so, SOvery excited to finally have any facial hair at all, no matter how awful it looks. It's the first outward sign that they're becoming big, grown-up Men, and they're so proud of themselves that they completely lack the ability to discern how vaguely creepy they look with a sporadic dusting of random hair patches on their upper lip.

The scruff 'stache, however, is pretty much universally detested by parents because it makes their sweet boys look like they forgot to wash their faces for a month and then fell asleep mouth-first in a pile of dog hair. Moms get especially frustrated because it's the first thing they're unable to clean something off their kid's face with a licked thumb.

And, anyone who's ever been a grown-up probably also knows that it takes a while for these young men to develop proper facial grooming habits. They might go through several awkward growth phases, from scruff 'stache to partial goatee to mottled beard-ish thing, before their full face-hair comes in. Unfortunately, that happens right around the time when many guys reach the I-Don't-See-The-Point-In-Putting-Much-Effort-Into-Grooming-Especially-If-It's-Going-To-Occupy-10-Minutes-When-I-Could-Otherwise-Be-Sleeping phase.

Compound that problem with a son heading off to college, where A) he has no money for shaving supplies and B) he has no room to store shaving supplies and C) you aren't there to nag him, and you're dealing with a potential scraggly hair-tastrophe.

Not to mention, the only thing harder than getting your growing fella to shave is taking care of his college back-to-school shopping needs. UGH, enough with the shower shoes - I'm still traumatized from my own college experience.

But here's where I can help. No, I can't give your teen a hygiene attitude transplant, and I can't convince your son not to move into the dorms if that's what he has his heart set on. But I can tell you, with plenty of time before you've finished your back-to-school shopping, that Gillette has a new hassle-free blade refill subscription service that delivers Gillette’s blades directly to his door, meaning one less thing to think about and leaving college-aged sons no reason to come home looking scraggly. And, Gillette’s best blades are more affordable than you might think—only about $1 a week for most guys. College kids have enough to think about. With Gillette subscription they can put more time toward “studying.”

By making shaving too easy and convenient NOT to do, you can save your son from a scruffy facial hair fate AND simplify your back-to-school shopping experience. Or, you can use a subscription to solve the mystery of what to get him for his graduation/Hooray You're Leaving For College party! Because hey, boys are hard to shop for, so what do you get a recent guy-grad aside from 87 rolls of quarters for the laundromat (which he spends on God knows what, but you know it isn't laundry because he brings all that home for you to wash)?

As an added bonus, when your sweet boy comes home from school for a visit you won't have to worry about nagging him about the fact that he never shaves! Instead, you can focus all your nagging on the fact that he never calls.

Disclaimer: Compensation was provided by Gillette via MomTrends. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions of Gillette or MomTrends.

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