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20 Signs You’re A Mom-Adrenaline Junkie

They finally sent some gullible schmuck down Verruckt, the soon-to-open-and-probably-keep-local-hospitals-in-business-forever 17-story deathtrap/water slide in Kansas City. And while climbing in a raft and plummeting 168 feet straight down is impressive or whatever, it occurs to me that moms are capable of some pretty daring feats, too.

20 ways you're a mom-adrenaline junkie by Robyn Welling @RobynHTV

You let your kids use your library card, even though there's a 90% chance they'll lose the books.

You place an important phone call within 10 minutes of the end of nap time.

You constructed an entire scale model of the solar system the night before the science fair.

You feed your baby pureed carrots - while wearing a white shirt.


You leave the house at 9:45 a.m. without refilling your coffee mug.

You have a Pinterest board for recipes that AREN'T GLUTEN FREE, digestive system be damned!

You attempt to pass off fruit salad as dessert.

You let your children craft with glitter.

You went to Target with the kids while they were restocking the "Frozen" toys.

You visit friends who have stairs, but no baby gates.

You once bought your child a skateboard.

Someday, you might let your child ride the skateboard.

You bring your toddler with you to dentist appointments.

You stand on that wobbly kitchen chair to dust the ceiling fan blades.

You put your kids' art in the recycling bin - while they're in the house!

You don't start thinking about what to make for dinner until 5:15. YEP, P.M.

You actually wear that macaroni necklace in public.

You go out without taking an inventory of the diaper bag.

You take your kids to the pool and let them swim with only water wings, a pool noodle, a raft and a life preserver to keep them afloat.

So, what else do we parents do that requires bravery, nerves of steel and a thirst for adventure? I mean, besides having kids in the first place, of course.

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