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Top 5 Badly Named Water Toys That Will Disappoint Your Kids This Summer

Life is all about disappointment.

Some will say that statement makes me a pessimist, some will say that makes me a realist, while some others will say I only said that to set this joke up.

Well, you can stop arguing amongst yourselves, because you're all right. Actually, to be more accurate, I should say childhood is all about disappointment, but that's because kids have a rosy outlook on life based on an adorable combination of insanity and too much sugar, so their sky-high expectations are all too easily dashed by the harsh reality of - well, reality.

Adults, on the other hand, expect precious little from reality after regularly encountering the types of people who're too dense to figure out that the "passing lane" is for passing other cars, not for going the exact same speed as the car next to them. Therefore adults' standards, overall, are very, very low and as such, they are far less susceptible to the effects of disappointment.

Let me give you an example. Kids, due to their inexperience with the world of consumerism, expect things to be what they are called. Silly, I know! Adults, after years and years of buying Froot Loops even though they know there's no such thing as froot, understand that despite the obvious implication, the cereal they've purchased contains no actual fruit. My toddler, however, not only thinks that Froot Loops are essentially crunchy bits of wholesome citrus and berries, but couldn't believe it when she found out Froot Loops Treasures contain disgusting strawberry-filled crunchy Gushers instead of actual treasure.

This is why many children will be set up for disappointment this summer when they arrive at the beach or pool and are presented with exciting-sounding classic water toys that don't live up to their names.

There's no way to prepare your children for this kind of let-down. It's everywhere. As parents, all we can to is hope it all evens out with the relief they feel when they learn that animal crackers aren't really made from animals.

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