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The Regular Mom Uniform: Let's Review, Shall We?

Once again, the fabulous Mariah Carey is making the rest of us look bad - this time, by taking her kids to the park while rocking a ball gown and heels.

"Sinking into the rubber mats...lol," she quips. Oh great,
you're a fabulous diva AND you have a sense of humor. Fantastic.

I don't like where this is headed. Are the rest of us supposed to wear gowns to the park? Should we "get our hair did" to drop off our kids' overdue books at the library? Should my husband wear a tux to soccer games? To avoid any future mishaps, let's take a moment to review the Mom Uniform guidelines. If we can all agree to strictly adhere to these basic rules, everyone's standards will stay nice and low - just how I like them.

Errands: t-shirt and yoga pants

Playground: dirty t-shirt and yoga pants

Date Night: "nice" t-shirt and maxi skirt (aka yoga pants with one wide leg hole)

Parent/Teacher Conference: t-shirt and jeans (because sometimes looking like a responsible adult requires non-elastic pants)

Gym: tank top and haphazard ponytail

Grocery: sweaty gym clothes

Red Carpet Event or Actual Ball: ball gown and heels

There, I'm glad we got that cleared up. I'm going to the laundromat later, and I didn't want to have to polish my tiara.

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