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8 Awkward Signs That the End of the School Year Is Coming

In case you didn't know this, your children are counting down the minutes until summer vacation starts. Or worse yet, the school year is ALREADY OVER and you're now that mom or dad who didn't show up for field day or the end-of-the-year variety show or whatever the heck kids are doing these days to avoid learning on the last day of school.

Well, next year you'll be ready, because you can keep your eyes peeled for these warning signs that the school year is almost over. I know, it's awkward and a little embarrassing to have such a major milestone blindside you at the last minute. If it makes you feel any better, this list is inspired by the fact that I had to reschedule dentist appointments that were otherwise going to perfectly coincide with the Last Day Of School Super Terrific Class Parties, because obviously I have no business being in charge of the family calendar. Also, most of the things below actually happened to me, but I'm not saying which ones.

8 funny signs it's the end of the school year

  1. During a lull in the most recent band concert, your youngest child scream-asked, "HOW MANY MORE OF THESE DO WE HAVE TO GO TO?"
  2. You spend 30+ minutes each morning trying to find school clothes that haven't quite been outgrown or completely destroyed by recess yet.
  3. Terse note from the volunteer coordinator pointedly mentioning she still needs someone to supervise morning drop-off, but "thanks again for those cookies you sent for the bake sale... last September."
  4. Terse note from the school librarian stating you owe $472 for all the books your kid has lost. 
  5. Terse note from the lunchroom staff stating you owe $472 for the extra chocolate milk your kid has been drinking every day all year.
  6. The yearbook arrives, featuring a photo of your child taken the day you forgot it was picture day and sent him to school with uncombed hair and oatmeal on his face.
  7. You finally learned the name of your kid's friend's mom who you see every day at pick-up - just in time to ensure you'll forget it before next year.
  8. The weekly homework folders have suddenly been replaced by alarmingly thick summer homework packets.

If any of these things have happened to you - or if you've noticed your kids seem to be around during the day a lot more than usual lately - then it's probably time to brace yourself for summer. Don't worry, parents, we'll make it! If you need me, I'll be the one hiding in my backyard with a pitcher of sangria.

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