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Vaccines No Parent Could Resist

I know there's a ton of uproar about vaccines lately - Will they protect my child from disease, people wonder, Or is my child's pediatrician an agent of Big Pharma hell-bent on infecting the world with somethingsomething pox, perhaps?

Well, I'll leave that debate up to the experts (a.k.a. the Internet). In the meantime, though, I think we can all agree that these vaccines would be tough to turn down at our kids' next checkup.

SuperGlueacel: Hinders child’s tendency to practice t-ball near the china cabinet

Excuse-Imune: Inhibits child from developing reasons not to do homework

BadSeedia: Blocks the growth of friendships with biters, hair-pullers and name-callers

Riskomune: Provides resistance to dangerous urges to skateboard without a helmet or taste electrical outlets

RealTempnar: Protects child from ridiculous inclination to wear shorts when it’s still 30 degrees outside

Veggievax: Suppresses child’s imaginary allergy to healthy food

Love those? OF COURSE YOU DO! So talk to your doctor or pharmacist or somebody science-y, and let's make this happen! But first, check out Vaccines All Moms Can Agree On on NickMom, where I made up even more imaginary drugs I want my kids to take!

Also, did you notice I made myself a handy-dandy new drop-down menu up at the top of the ol' blog? One of the links leads to a splash page with my favorite NickMom posts - all in one colorful, convenient location! Go on, give it a click!

Also also, if you want a more mature person's view about the vaccine debate, I highly recommend reading this on Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms - very sensible, indeed.

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