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Adulthood: 40 Things That Are Harder To Figure Out Than a Rubik's Cube

Remember when you were a kid, and not being able to solve a Rubik's Cube (without peeling off and redistributing the square stickers, I mean) was probably the biggest obstacle you were going to have to overcome on any given day?

Well, we're all (mostly) grown up now; even the Rubik's Cube is turning 40. However, as much as I secretly hated that stupid cube, I have to appreciate the lessons in patience, persistence and long-distance toy-hurling it taught me. Some of us might remember it as the most difficult, frustrating thing we had to figure out during our childhood, but just think - without it teaching us the true meaning of futility back when we were young and impressionable and had a lot more free time, we might not have the proper resources to deal with all the many, many, many frustrations of adulthood.

Because, whether you ever mastered the popular puzzle or not, now the Rubik's Cube seems pretty easy - at least, compared to these 40 things we have to figure out as adults.

40 things about adulthood that are harder to figure out than a Rubik's Cube - by Robyn Welling @RobynHTV

  1. Assembling IKEA furniture
  2. Collapsing a stroller and getting it into the trunk with one arm, while holding a baby in the other
  3. Taxes
  4. Parallel parking
  5. Getting babies' wet-noodle octopus limbs into their impossibly tiny clothes
  6. Fitting just... one... more... bowl into the dishwasher
  7. Cutting the right amount of wrapping paper on the first try
  8. Finding the ONE CART without a wobbly wheel
  9. Helping with 6th-grade math homework
  10. Folding fitted sheets
  11. Deciding which people to unfriend on Facebook
  12. Some-assembly-required bicycles
  13. Removing melted slices of American cheese from the DVD player
  14. Opening combination locks before anyone sees you naked in the gym locker room
  15. Wearing convertible-strap bras
  16. Figuring out the actual age of a child whose parents invite you to her 58-and-a-half-month birthday party
  17. Perfecting the toaster settings so your toast is neither scorched nor raw
  18. Syncing with #@&$! iTunes
  19. Calculating the tip on a bar tab split four ways, after three cocktails
  20. Getting a maxi pad with wings to stick to your underwear instead of itself
  21. Sharing a sink without spitting toothpaste on anyone
  22. Erecting tents
  23. Not giggling when you type "erecting"
  24. Cooking the right amount of spaghetti
  25. Opening childproof cabinet latches
  26. The metric system
  27. Navigating the dangers of talking to touchy pregnant women
  28. Hanging pictures without making 5 zillion nail holes in the wall
  29. Women's pants sizes
  30. Jumping a car battery without getting electrocuted
  31. Folding a map
  32. Hiding Christmas presents where the kids won't find them
  33. Scratching an itch while your fingernail polish is still wet
  34. Remembering 187 different passwords
  35. Figuring out why kids insist on all their dolls being naked
  36. Paper or plastic?!? Oh great, now I'm pretty sure both of those answers are wrong.
  37. Convincing toddlers not to eat pennies they find on the floor at Target
  38. Operating universal remotes
  39. Interpreting teens' slang
  40. Determining when we lost touch with current teen slang

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