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11 Ways Parenting is Like Working In an Office

As I've mentioned before, I was once part of the outside-the-house working world, with its requisite commutes and 8 AM clock-ins.

However, I happily traded it all in to stay home with the kids, and I mostly hardly ever regret my decision. I don't have people prairie dogging over the tops of their cubicles to ask me what I'm having for lunch anymore, but I do have much cuter people prairie dogging over the edge of the kitchen table to steal what I'm having for lunch. I no longer get to dress up in grown-up clothes on a daily basis, but I do get to doodle on all those knee-high pantyhose and repurpose them as wicked awesome tattoo sleeves. So, all in all, I'd say I got a good deal.

But while office life wasn't my favorite thing ever, there are still plenty of things I miss about it from time to time. On those rare occasions when I'm overtaken with a longing for a more professional setting, I just remember that parenting isn't really all that different from working in an office.

11 ways parenting is like working in an office by Robyn Welling @RobynHTV
  1. Whoever spilled that stuff on the counter by the coffee pot won't confess, and apparently nobody's going to clean it up.
  2. No one will agree to sit down and listen to your brilliant ideas unless you bribe them with donuts.
  3. Spanking is nearly always considered inappropriate.
  4. Copying. Lots and lots of copying.
  5. There's usually one person who tries to hide in the bathroom all day.
  6. Somebody else ends up getting all the attention, even though you're the one doing all the work.
  7. Everyone rolls their eyes when the boss leaves the room.
  8. You wear the most casual clothes you can get away with. Because, hey, these yoga pants look like real slacks. In certain light.
  9. By 2:30, you're only sort of paying attention to what you're supposed to be doing.
  10. Trying to take vacation just ends up being more work for you.
  11. Everyone feels free to judge you for how you do your job, but you don't see anybody else volunteering to do it instead.

See? I'm not missing anything by staying at home, because I get the best of both worlds! I still get all the drama, slacking, and questionable work ethics of office life, but with zero commute and 100% more tattoo sleeves. Plus, now people take my lunch right off my plate, instead of waiting until I'm not looking so they can steal it out of the break room fridge. What do you think - see any other similarities there?

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