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The bras heard 'round the world

If you heard a loud screech last week, followed by the whoosh of a SPANX-splosion, don't worry - nobody broke one of the Kardashians. It was just my rusty old bra drawer coming off the track, and the ensuing sonic boom that resulted from the release of 80% Lycra-blends and hundreds of hook-and-loop closures, which had been stuffed in there under high pressure since I abandoned them several years ago in favor of boring, cotton exercise underthings.

Find out why I decided to get back in touch with my satiny side - and what I discovered when I unleashed 50 pounds of underwire from its one-cubic-foot prison - in The 8 breeds of bras. It's In The Powder Room, where else?

funny article about 8 types of bras by Robyn Welling @RobynHTV

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