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Holiday gifts for loners

Holiday shopping is hard. And not just because the mall sucks, and there are no parking spaces, and the lines are long, and I don't have any money. That's all true, but mostly shopping sucks because I can't think of anything to buy for people.

Sure, kids will tell you what they want all day long (everything, for the record), and for the most part you can usually beg loved ones for a list of ideas. However, there are certain folks that leave me stumped every year. People who are antisocial and have no interests that I know of - yet we're related, or I draw their name in the office Secret Santa pool, or for some other reason I'm forced to figure out what on earth to get them for Christmas.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, fret no longer - I've created a guide full of thoughtful gift ideas for lonesome hermit-type people! Okay, maybe "thoughtful" is the wrong word, but what do you care? You're just as desperate for ideas as I am. So head over to In The Powder Room, and finally mark that standoffish someone off your shopping list with my gift guide for lonely people.

gift guide for lonely people by Robyn Welling @RobynHTV

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