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Glitter, sex talks, and other garbage

It's time, once again, for most unpredictable thing on the Internet: the not-really-weekly Weekly Wrap-Up!

Because The Whenever the Heck I Feel Like It Wrap-Up is too long to fit on this pretty graphic:

weekly wrap up 2013/11/23 on Hollow Tree Ventures

I didn't get fired from NickMom yet (woohoo!), and in fact, I have a new piece floating around over there. If you like to craft - or if you've ever been forced to craft against your will by your children - the supplies you use say a lot about you. Click on over and see if I pegged your crafting personality type (P.S. we've been using a lot of markers around here).

 photo what-your-craft-says-about-you-promo_zps333c1453.jpg

I've also been over at In The Powder Room, getting all riled up about why Thanksgiving sucks so much, and then talking myself down from the self-induced hyper-crazies by giving you my take on zen parenting.

thanks for nothing Thanksgiving - the not-so-funny problem with November by Robyn Welling @RobynHTV
art of zen parenting by Robyn Welling @RobynHTV
But just to make sure you didn't get the sudden impression that I'm a decent parent, I shared the all-too-true story of my attempt to teach my 2-year-old the real anatomical words for her bumpus and her whatchamadoodle without messing it up (spoiler alert: I failed) in How To Teach Kids About Their (shhh...) Privates.

And finally, just to make sure you didn't get the sudden impression that I'm the only person around here who messes up, I threw my husband under the bus (or rather, threw him under the garbage truck) by letting you in on his secret suburban screw up on trash day.

How to teach kids about their privates by Robyn Welling @RobynHTV
Talking trash by Robyn Welling @RobynHTV

And now, let's all get back to freaking out that Thanksgiving is next week. Cheers!

I hope you enjoyed yourself while you were here - and I hope you come back! Please share inappropriate giggles with me on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook, or subscribe via email so you don't miss a thing!


Abby Heugel said...

You've been super busy, including the fact that you made a whole bunch of fancy signs for all of your posts! And if you combine all your efforts, you get a bedazzled turkey with exposed genitals used to explain the birds and the bees before tossing the bird in the trash on the appropriate day. I think that's a parenting win.

Adrienn said...

I can't leave without saying how much I love the graphic of the turkey shitting stuffing. That is all. Happy Thanksgiving week! Ugh.

Robyn of HollowTreeVentures said...

Ooooh, I like the way you summarized them much better! That's it, you're in charge of my wrap ups from now on.

Robyn of HollowTreeVentures said...

Thanks, and best of luck to you this week! Luckily I'm not hosting, or that turkey pic might actually become a reality - I have no patience for cooking something for 87 hours, so mine would doubtless be undercooked to the point it could still run around the table. ;)

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