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Ending the Controversy about Anatomically Correct Birthing Dolls

Friends, it isn't often that I see something on the interweb and simply can not stop myself from writing about it. It also isn't very often that I care to dip my toes in the riptides of an online controversy.

But for this? I had to make an exception.

The "this" in question is a link I followed to MamAmor, a company that makes birthing dolls. Anatomically correct birthing dolls. For kids.

Now, are these dollies adorable and clever? Yes, undoubtedly. Would I use one to demonstrate the miracle of birth to my young children? Wellllll... I don't know, but as it turns out, there are lots of people who have very, very, incredibly strong opinions about it.
What? People on the internet have strong opinions about things?
Yes, it's true! But I found a way to stop all the bickering and end the controversy - please pop on over to In The Powder Room, where I explain my plan. Good news: it involves beer!

ways to use birthing dolls

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