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why PMS is awesome

This might come as a shock to those of you who mainly know me through my blog, or to those of you who are my mom, but I cuss. Quite a lot.

I say that it might come as a shock, because I rarely drop a swear word any swarthier than "hell" around here. And I try not to cuss in front of my mom either, ever since that one time at the pet store when I was about 6 years old and it was made abundantly  clear that my innocent query was inappropriate.
But without asking, how else  was I supposed to find out "what the hell's all this crap in the fish tank???" Maybe if they'd clean their fish tanks once in a while, they wouldn't have to deal with cussing kids in their store. Not to mention mortified mothers.
Anyway, I keep it pretty clean around here (the language - our fish tank is a mess) out of respect for my mom, so she doesn't have to squirm too much when her friends ask what her daughter does all day long besides eat Skittles and pretend not to notice the toddler's diaper needs to be changed.

However, I also skip the swears because I hate to offend people. Sometimes that's a good trait, but sometimes I wish I'd just stand up and say whatever's on my mind, without any concern about what people think. I get tired of being the tame one, the mediator, the don't-rock-the-boater. I get tired of worrying that I'll tick someone off, or that I'll have to deal with confrontation (*gasp*) if I call someone out for ticking me off.

Which is why I love PMS so much.
...record scratch...
You heard me - there are  a few good things about PMS. If you aren't too crabby to notice them.

the voice of PMS

If you're afraid your delicate optic nerves are going to burst into flames at the sight of my f-bombs, you might want to skip this trip to In The Powder Room. Otherwise, click over to read my mostly-kidding-but-not-really article about the wonderful voice of PMS. In fact, PMS is so great, I'm thinking about having it all the time!

Which reminds me, if you've seen my husband anywhere, please tell him I was kidding about that last part - it's safe to come home.

For now.

I hope you enjoyed yourself while you were here - and I hope you come back! Please share inappropriate giggles with me on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook, or subscribe via email so you don't miss a thing!


Courtney Greenstein said...

I swear so much that my daughter made a swear jar for me. On a good note, we are saving quite a bit of money for our trip to Universal Studios.

Robyn of HollowTreeVentures said...

Sure, c'mon back inside... I won't hurt you... hehehe

Robyn of HollowTreeVentures said...

It's most effective that way - well played!

Robyn of HollowTreeVentures said...

Haha! We should do that - between my husband and me, we'd probably fund a family trip to Europe. Or the moon.

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