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Can poo be a sign of a good marriage?

Those of you who read this blog regularly, especially the comments and on Facebook where my husband and I carry on 95% of our communication, are probably under the impression that we enjoy a very strong, healthy marriage seasoned with respect, love, and a lot of humor.

And you're absolutely right. As long as you replace "healthy" with "margarita-filled" and "humor" with "outright smartassery."

We've shared certain stories so many times, we can't remember whose memories are whose anymore. We sit politely through jokes we've already told each other. He does the laundry, makes dinner, and tries not to complain too much when I don't wipe up the coffee I dribble on the kitchen counter. In return, I make semi-constant promises to be a better wife someday, even though he and I both know it's highly unlikely.

So what's our secret? Well, a lot of it is based on his acknowledgement that I'm awesome (aside from my coffee dribbling) and almost always right about everything, and the rest is based on the fact that this is my blog and I can tell as many lies about being awesome as I want to.

But our marriage does have one potential problem - or does it??? Maybe it's a strength!

Growing up, we rarely conversed about the commode at my house. Potty humor was frowned upon, and even the gastro upset on Pepto Bismol commercials could lead to furious blushing. So did I ever get over my discomfort with discussing my digestive details? And is that a hit or a miss for our marital bliss?

Of course I'd never talk about anything so personal on the interweb. Well, not here, anyway. That's why the story's on In The Powder Room today (How appropriate is THAT?)! Please don't leave me over there with my pants down - I'd love it if you popped over to let me know where you stand - or rather, sit - on the issue.

I hope you enjoyed yourself while you were here - and I hope you come back! Please share inappropriate giggles with me on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook, or subscribe via email so you don't miss a thing!


Fran Fischer said...

Funny--as always!!

Gerard Welling said...

Since I rarely ever read your posts in their entirety, instead preferring the old English major trick of skimming for pertinent details to comment on in class to make it appear as though one has read the day's required material, I at first assumed that the line "... almost always right about everything" referred to me.
Imagine how hard I laughed when I discovered you were talking about YOU!! :D

You are truly HILARIOUS!

I'm heading over to In The Powder Room now to talk some more crap...

Robyn of HollowTreeVentures said...

You're sweet, as always - thanks!

Robyn of HollowTreeVentures said...

What? *feigns shock* You thought I meant YOU???

What? *exhibits signs of actual shock* You don't read my posts in their entirety???

Gerard Welling said...

that was a joke. i know that it comes as a complete surprise that one might stretch the truth, hyperbolize, or outright lie in order to make the mundane more humorous.

i love you, and i love your writing. if i only skimmed your articles/posts i'd only be cheating myself.

Robyn of HollowTreeVentures said...

You know me - I've never ever exaggerated, not ever, not even once. Okay, maybe once.

rorybore said...

keeping the mystery regarding #2 over here. firmly. shut.

Do Not Even Peek. I will cut you.
Seriously, I'd rather rupture from holding it in then leave that door even a crack.

Robyn of HollowTreeVentures said...

I can't even begin to imagine why people are interested in peeking in on The Business, and yet the rest of us still have to chase them off.

"I will cut you." Indeed!

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