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Weekly? I don't know the meaning of the word.

It's a shame that the phrase "Weekly Wrap-Up" rolls off the tongue so much more gracefully than "Wrap-Up  Published at Undetermined Random Intervals Because Sometimes My Brain Function Is A Hot Mess," since the latter would be a lot more accurate. However, in addition to being verbally cumbersome, it's also hard to fit a phrase that long onto a cute graphic like this one.

Plus, I wrestled with Photoshop making that stupid graphic for a lot longer than I care to admit, so let's just keep calling it "weekly," mmmkay?

But enough about me - what about me?

Awesome Junk That Happened

Huffington Post included me in their Best Parenting Tweets of the Week - TWICE! Once for giving a diet tip, and then again with another sort of food-related warning.

I also made my writing debut on In The Powder Room, with a post that blows the lid off the New Mommy Wars - it's approximately 20% real information and 80% snark, and I hope you like it because I want the nice kids over there to invite me back over to play.
Read Me In the Powder Room!

I was quoted in a funny Babble article about sibling hugs - see if you can tell which awkward hugging photo features my lovely children (hint: it's the one with a purple baby. It also has my name under it).

I made it onto the Indianapolis cast of Listen To Your Mother, and explained why it's probably going to ruin my life.

Awesome Stuff For You

I Just Want To Pee Alone, the high-larry-us book I'm in that's all best-sellery and is still available for purchase hint hint,  has morphed itself into a community blog! Check out the site here - they're now accepting submissions, so send something in for a chance to get published there and possibly get Internet Famous!

If you're looking for a way to follow along with HTV besides Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (<-- worth it solely to see my scowly baby avatar), RSS, email, or G+ (yes, people use that now!), it appears as though I'm also on BlogLovin - who knew?

Other Awesome Awesomeness

On CraftFail, Anna of Random Handprints shared her crummy cracker nails, I learned what ombre curtains are and what they aren't supposed to look like, and I actually managed to craftfail a post about craftfailing, requiring a public apology to add to my list of shame.

For my birthday, I gave a gift to my future self in the form of evidence that I was/am kinda dumb in my thirties:

My kids destroyed my dining room making Peeps hats, which you won't be surprised to hear turned into a massive (but sugary) CraftFail.

My mom and I collaborated on this handy list:

5 things you shouldn't say to your mother

I called out Barbie's phone for being soul-crushingly irritating, and made a graphic in which it's a tad more realistic - like mine.

I baked up some cake-tastrophes.

I revealed my 10 pathetic superhero moments.

Other People Are Awesome, Too

Carisa at M.Carisa was inducted into the Scary Mommy Society (woot!) - you'll love her post about how having your second child differs from the first.

My new friend Mouths of Babes shared this gem on her Facebook wall - too bad I couldn't relate at all (ahem):

This stuff also made me laugh:

Thanks for reading all that. I totally owe you a beer. Or a mimosa, if you're reading this in the morning. Or a nice, tall, refreshing glass of tap water. Or maybe I'll just write some more stuff for you next week.

I hope you enjoyed yourself while you were here - and I hope you come back! Please share inappropriate giggles with me on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook, or subscribe via email so you don't miss a thing!


Anonymous said...

You're several steps ahead of me, by virtue of the fact that you HAVE a graphic for your recaps, weekly or not! Also in that you learned 10 things in your thirties. My list would be more like "Mistakes I keep making in my 30s...I should have learned by now."

Kathy at kissing the frog said...

I'll take the mimosa. And I'll take your wrap-ups any time you chose to publish them! :)

RobynHTV said...

Hey, "mistakes I keep making in my 30s" would be an AWESOME list, and probably much, *much* funnier. ;)

RobynHTV said...

Thank you! :) **bows deeply, tips tray she's holding and spills mimosa** Oops!

The Third Partier said...

How about your daily round up? We'll start with a True/False question to get things rolling.

True or False: I have plans for you.

TheSocialButterflyMom said...

I know your book is "I Just Want to Pee Alone," but do you even have time to pee with all that going on?!

RobynHTV said...

True - most decidedly true.

RobynHTV said...

On rare occasions. ;)

Unknown said...

If Huff Po ever includes me in their Best Parenting Tweets, I'll write an entire post about it. You hear that, Huff Po?!

I loved your In The Powder Room post. You belong there!

RobynHTV said...

Thanks so much - and YOU belong on Huff Po!

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