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Baby Tag Blanket

The age of this recycled-from-my-old-craft-blog Craptacular Craft is pretty obvious, considering I made this for Maddie when she was a baby, or at least a babier baby than she is now. Unfortunately, the only tags she pays attention to these days are the ones that are itchy and inspire her to strip down to her diaper in the paint department at Lowes. Nevertheless, somebody out there probably still has a little baby, or plans to attend a baby shower some day, or just needs a lovey of their own. So, this tutorial is for you. All four of you.

My 6-month old baby loves the tags on her toys (often more than the toys themselves). She also likes to chew on washcloths, the string on my sweatshirt... pretty much everything. I understand this is true of most babies, which is probably why store-bought tag blankets can be so pricey, although there might also be some kind of vegetable-refusal vitamin deficiency involved.

Anyway, I'm cheap but crafty, so I decided to make Maddie a blanket myself; this way I could chose the textures, colors, size, etc and save a bundle of money. PLUS, I'm also lazy, so although there are many tag teething blanket tutorials out there, this one's the fastest and easiest. They're so quick and easy to make, you could have extras for the diaper bag, stroller, and Grandma's house - they're great shower gifts, too!

What you'll need:
  • Fabric for the blanket, two pieces in the size of your choice. The key to making it fast and easy is choosing a base that's already done - infant washcloths are the perfect size, the edges are already finished, babies like the texture, they're durable and they're washable. You could also use cloth diapers, bibs, receiving blankets, or any other fabric that's safe and baby-friendly. I recommend using something absorbent since it's likely to get quite a bit of drool on it, and an absorbent fabric can help cut down on chapped skin.
  • Material for the tags. I used a combination of ribbon in various widths and textures, fabric scraps, blanket binding, and cords, but again you could use any similar, baby-friendly materials.
  • pins, sewing machine, thread, scissors

What to do:
  1. Place the two pieces of fabric wrong sides together (hey, washcloths don't even have a wrong side to worry about), and begin pinning the edges together. Sandwich your tags between the layers of fabric and pin all layers, leaving about an inch between the tags. My tags stick out beyond the edge of the blanket 1"-1.5", with at least 0.5" of each tag pinned in-between the fabric layers.
    • Tip: Get creative! I like using all different colors and textures, but you could make yours more monochromatic. I have some ribbons layered, some are folded over as tabs while others stick straight out, some are knotted, and one is gathered at the base to make it a little poofy.
    • Tip: Be careful about edges that might fray or unravel. Fold those ribbons under so the edges aren't exposed, or tie them in tight knots.
  2. When you have your tags arranged how you like them, sew with a zig-zag stitch all the way around the edge of your blanket, removing the pins as you go and making sure to sew all layers including both sides of the blanket and the tags. You want to be SURE you have the tags securely sewn in so they won't come loose (duh)!
    • Tip: Use other decorative stitches, and/or use thread in a contrasting color for more visual interest.
That's all! I'd recommend making at least one of the tags the folded-over "tab" variety, because then you can attach one of these toy clips to the loop...

...which makes it easy to clip onto the stroller or car seat so it won't get lost. This is also a great feature when you use bibs as the base for the blanket, since they're already made with built-in Velcro or snap-closure loops you can use for the same purpose.

Have fun personalizing these blankets using fabric that coordinates with the kid's nursery, by adding appliques to the blanket fabric, or by stitching the baby's name onto it before assembling the parts. It will entertain and sooth her for a long time, and will be a much appreciated and well-used shower gift!

Now if you'll excuse me, while you click this banner I'm going to go suck my thumb and rock in a corner because my tiny baby is now a toddler who gets naked in hardware stores.
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BadParentingMoments said...

I love this! You are so crafty, my friend. Going to pin on my board of crafts for kids that I will never do, but, I think are so cool that I like to pretend that I will get to it. Love!

RobynHTV said...

Ha! Thanks for the pin, mama (and the vote of confidence). ;)

Ann @ My Nearest and Dearest said...

This is great. I love a DIY that is EASY!
What is it with babies and tags, anyway?
Going to share this on my Facebook page.

Unknown said...

LOVE! My daughter's "lovey" is one of those taggie triangles. She puts her left ring finger through one particular tag. So cute. Now I wish I was crafty enough that I had sewed my own as it would've had more meaning!!!! Going to pin this now...

RobynHTV said...

Thanks for sharing! I wish I knew what babies found so appealing about tags, but there's already so much I don't know about babies, I don't hope to ever figure that one out. ;)

RobynHTV said...

Awww! Dangit, this cute baby talk is making me want... No, never mind. My toddler's eating a sticker. I'd better not have any more. Thanks for pinning! :)

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