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This Is Life

I've been struggling over how to get back to blogging, especially humor blogging, in light of the tragedy in Connecticut and the raw emotions we're all feeling.

In the meantime, I've read (and loved) a lot of blog posts and Facebook updates over the weekend about families like mine. Homes full of grief and joy, each emotion battling to take center stage. Our hearts are determined to love so fiercely that sadness is forced into the corners - but that very love reminds us why we grieve. Then we can't hold back the tears waiting behind our eyes, and we let them flow until we can press those thoughts aside again with more hugs, more bedtime stories, more piggyback rides.

I feel like I packed a year's worth of parenting into the last two days. We watched movies. We hit balloons back and forth a zillion times, never letting them touch the lava on the floor. I wore a tutu on my head and performed elaborate teddy bear wedding ceremonies. We had dance parties. I let a tiny plastic giraffe boss my doll around for hours in the dollhouse. We ate ice cream (and cupcakes, and chocolate, and potato chips, and candy). We played cards under the dining room table. We stayed up late, reading and playing video games. We hugged, and hugged, and hugged, and I planted kisses on their heads as if a protective shield might sprout from that spot and envelop them for the rest of their days if only I kissed them one more time.

I felt like I'd woken up. I was present, and aware, and appreciative of every moment. We really lived life.

Also over the weekend, my son was invited to his best friend's house for a play date. I'll admit, my first reaction was, No, I can't have him out of my sight!  But that wouldn't be fair to him, so I reluctantly let him go. Because my kids having fun with their friends is part of living life, too.

It's part of living life, just like siblings fighting over the "good" spot on the couch. And bath time struggles against water that's too hot and soap that they claim stings their eyes and hair that only gets washed on one side because Alright already, that's good enough. And refusals to eat broccoli. And having to send them off to school this morning. And explaining the importance of clean underwear. And needing quiet time. And tummy aches because your mom let you eat too much junk food (oops).

It isn't all teddy bear weddings, but it's all real life. We can't help but get pulled back into it. There's no other way.

We will not forget.

But we will live life. All of it.


There are so many great posts out there today on the subject of normalcy in light of tragedy that I hate to single out just one, but Suburban Snapshots' The Slow Return To Our New Normal says it way better than I ever could. Though you'll notice I made you read my whole post before pointing you to a better one. Heh heh. That's how I am, and some things never change.

I hope you enjoyed yourself while you were here - and I hope you come back! Please share inappropriate giggles with me on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook, or subscribe via email so you don't miss a thing!


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