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A Real Slick Christmas Surprise

For a special treat today, my mom (Yes! My mom!) is here to tell one of my favorite tales from her sordid past.

Wait, not sordid. I meant storied. Her storied past. Whatever.

It's a yarn I've heard spun many times - one about finding the perfect holiday gift, about sisterly love, and about siblings ruining all your awesome Christmas surprises. Take it away, Marma! (Yes, that's what I call my mom.)

This took place a long, long time ago. To give you some perspective, there were no computers, families had only one (1) TV and no way to record shows. Viewing choices were confined to four channels. There was one telephone per household and it was tethered to the wall, usually in the living room within earshot of the whole family. Gas was 25 cents per gallon. It was the early 60s. Christmas was coming.

Have I sufficiently jolted you into the Wayback Machine? Good. We can start the story.

One of our Christmas traditions was a day of shopping for presents for family members. As a lesson in sharing (and math), each of us six children were given $20 to buy gifts for each other and our parents. I found a gift for my preteen sister that I knew she would love. The Beatles had been on the Ed Sullivan Show and everything British was to be coveted. Yardley Slicker Dollys could catapult you into the world of High Style.

Slicker Dollys
source: sugarpie honeybunch

It was hard to wrap because the die-cut heads on the top of the box caused some distinctive lumpiness, but she would never be able to guess what was under the wrapping. I couldn’t wait for her to open it on Christmas Eve!

As it turned out, she had something for me that she was equally excited about. A couple days before Christmas, we decided we would show each other one wrapped gift as a teaser. We each went into our closet and rummaged around our Hidden Gift Stash to pull out a gift; I felt completely confident that she would never be able to guess the contents of this oddly shaped package. We held the gifts behind our backs and, on the count of three, we pulled them out in a grand ta-dah flourish.

Then we burst out laughing, because both of our gifts were the same exact size, featuring the same distinct, signature lumpiness of the Yardley Slickers.

So much for the surprise.

It was the year I realized that the anticipation of giving really was more fun than receiving - but still, those slickers were one of the best presents I have ever received.

Ahem, clearly my mom meant to say it was one of the best gifts she ever received besides the gigantic carved wooden "I Love Robyn" key chain I gave her for Mother's Day one year. Obviously. (What? "I Love Mom" wouldn't have made any sense - she was the one who had to carry it around, and she didn't need a key chain that said she loved herself.)

I'll let the oversight slide though, since she did type this story for me while in the throes of the Fevered Death Flu. Which she caught from me. Yet another one of my generous gifts.

Merry holidays, everyone!

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Anonymous said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS to you & your family, including those who live in the dollhouse!!

RobynHTV said...

Thank you so much, fishducky - Merry Christmas to you and yours, as well! I'd add a few words from Sunny, but she's already been hitting the egg nog pretty hard. ;)

Sue at Wub Boo Mummy said...

Merry Christmas you fantastic bit of crumpet. Hope you have an absolutely fabulous one. We're more than halfway through Christmas day here, it's stinking hot and I'm about to start drinking.

PS My little Missy Moo got her very own dollhouse today with Sunny, Buzz and whatever the hell the baby is called. They're all looking very pristine and loved up at the moment, but I'm sure their true colours will start shining through very soon.

RobynHTV said...

I'm not very worldly; it's hard for me to imagine a holiday being half over for a friend when it hasn't started for me yet. Of course, a great many things are hard to comprehend after a few drinks. ;) We're still in "night before Christmas, bask in the quiet with an adult beverage" mode. :)

I lovelovelove that Missy Moo has her own dollhouse family! I can't wait to hear what she names them and what kind of adventures they have (rest assured, I'll be taking notes).

Sue at Wub Boo Mummy said...

Well they haven't started off too well. They've already lost the baby!

RobynHTV said...

Oops! Well, at least they hadn't named her yet... (?) ;)

TNMom said...

I love this story! And I call mine mamma too. :) OOps, you said marma....no, I don't call mine that. Happy New Year! Devan

RobynHTV said...

Mammas and Marmas are good for stories, aren't they? :) Happy New Year to you!

The Third Partier said...

I'm still trying to figure out the Slickers. Do you put the doll heads on your lips, then put lipstick on top? Girls are funny.

Love the story, Marma! Thanks for guesting, as I actually got to sit down and chill with Robyn for an hour as a result. Woohoo!!!

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