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Ermahgerd, it's a meme!

This should come as no big surprise to you, but I'm the complete polar opposite of cutting edge.  So by the time I hear about an innerwebz meme, I have to assume it's been going around since the dawn of the electronic age and I'm just the last person to hear about it.

Unfortunately, the fact that it's old news for everyone else doesn't make it any less funny for me.  So I end up being that lady who catches The Sixth Sense  on HBO over the weekend and shows up on Monday wanting to discuss it with her coworkers, who already saw it - twelve years ago.

I'm telling you this in the event that, unbeknownst to me, everyone else on the planet is already sick of this ERMAHGERD business, because I have been laughing my ass off for several straight days, and if this is old news to you then you probably aren't going to be a big fan of this post.

Also, to anyone who may or may not be up in arms about making fun of this poor girl, please allow me to direct you to pretty much anywhere on the web, where you will likely find an unflattering photo of me.  Half the time I'm the one who put it there.  Like this little collage I put on Facebook:

My hair through the ages.
P.S. My mom made this collage (sans hair comments).
Note to Marma - I'm making fun of myself here, not the collage.
I love the collage, I wouldn't make fun of it.
I know you don't want me to make fun of me, either.
We can talk about it later - all these people are waiting for me
to get to the point, and I'm not sure I have one.

I choose to believe this girl has a sense of humor about becoming an interweb sensation against her will.  But then again, I'm obviously a person who doesn't take herself very seriously, so maybe I have a skewed view.  My point is, I mean no offense.  All due respect.

You can thank The Bearded Iris, super hilarious lady extraordinaire, for getting me started on this when she posted about the Mommy Wars with the following graphic, my introduction to the meme:

Source: Meme Generator

At that point I turned to my BFF, Google, and asked her to show me more.  Like this:

hurr durr derp face - ERMAHGERD- GERNIER
see more Derp

And this:

hurr durr derp face - Ermahgerd Erscerm Terco!
see more Derp

And the classic (as far as I know):

hurr durr derp face - Ermahgerd Sermer Term!
see more Derp

As you can imagine, I immediately became impossible to live with, prefacing practically everything I said with an enthusiastic, "Ermahgerd."

I could tell by his smirk that Gerry thought it was funny, yet he stubbornly refused to join in, opting instead for shooting me the Weary Side Eyes.

This, naturally, caused me to redouble my efforts.

Setting the scene:  Gerry tried to use my elliptical machine but we couldn't get it to work, probably because it had been under a pile of junk for three years and I couldn't remember how to operate it.  Finding myself alone in the house (!) several days later, I decided I would give the whole fitness thing a try, too.  I sent him a text to tell him what I was doing, since I knew that if he came home and couldn't find me it could be years before anyone would think to look for my sweat-drenched corpse near a piece of exercise equipment.

You see how difficult I can be to tolerate.  But by the next day, he finally gave in and texted me (from the dining room).

His participation in my stupidity made me incredibly happy.  Soon, he was as addicted as I was.  We started texting each other while we were side by side on the couch.

Unfortunately, it's been short lived.  We already cut back on saying it, partly because even the things we find funniest lose their comedic appeal eventually.  But mainly because if we ever accidentally say it in front of the kids, we will never - ever - stop hearing it.  A trilliondy billion times per minute.  And it will not  be funny years from now when they still. won't. stop.

Ermahgerd, ah terterly serk ert Phertersherp.

Ermahgerd, yer harve ter vuurt fer meh - preese!  Jurst crick beerow!
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Okay, I promise that's the last one.  Thank you for letting me get that terterly out of my system.

I hope you enjoyed yourself while you were here - and I hope you come back! Please share inappropriate giggles with me on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook, or subscribe via email so you don't miss a thing!


Sue at Wub Boo Mummy said...

I lerve all der Ermahgerd mermes, and ahm nert alern jerdging by der nermber erv hits on mai sert sernce persting arn Ermagherd merme. :0)

Cat said...

ERMAHGERD I only just saw that word YESTERDAY so you totally win. And that last picture is so amazingly awesome that I am still giggling. I can't wait until my kids can make those eye rolling faces at me so I can laugh at them and explain how I INVENTED the eye roll.

Oh, and wouldn't it be awesome if there was a website that showed all of those poor souls who got stuck in popular memes now? I really hope the ermahgerd girl is looking all FAB-U-LOUS and has her shit together...GASP! WHAT IF IT TURNS OUT SHE IS POSH MOMMY?!?!?!?!?!!?

RobynHTV said...

Ermahgerd, thert's areserme! Thanks for making me feel like I'm not TOTALLY behind the times! :)

RobynHTV said...

Jake is going through a phase where he insists on making a face in every picture - I warned him to cut it out! What good is having a blog if you can't threaten your kids with it?

And ERMAHGERD, if I had nothing else in the world, the possibility of ermahgerd girl being Posh Mom would make life worth living.

Kelly Simmons said...

You are too funny! Your posts are as entertaining as all get out! I must be even further out of any meme loops than you are though for I have not until now, seen any images of this illustrious beauty whose shining smile has won the affection of an entire populace.

Christian at Point Counter-Point Point Point said...

I think what I have taken away from this post is that from here on out I will always call flip flops flerp flerps. And Adidas will be Aderdas. And pancakes will be perncakes. Oh god I can't sterp.

susan said...

ERMAHGERD i tink i jerst peed muh pants uh leetle. berst.post.evah.

RobynHTV said...

I love how you were able to compliment the fair maiden without even mentioning the obvious show-stealer: the sweater/vest (that's "sweater with a vest over it," not "sweater vest").

I can say these seemingly rude things because I far surpassed her in dorkiness at that age. I probably was that excited about flerp flerps.

And thank you ever so much for the kind words - it's my role in society to pass along useless and outdated information. It's kinda my thing.

RobynHTV said...

Hahhahaha, I can't sterp either! Oh wait, I meant "Bwahahaha" - it was intended as an evil, maniacal laugh. Flerp flerps fererver!!!!!

RobynHTV said...

Threnk yerr! Ersprersurey srince ah knerr haw herrd ett is ter trype rike riss! Ryme strarting ru sround rike scrooby droo!

Unknown said...

Ermahgerd, cannot stop lerfing. snort...errr, snert? Huh.

RobynHTV said...

Don't even try - you won't be able to quit. At this point I think we should all just agree to adopt Derr as our national language.

Sanstrousers said...

Ermahgerd, love your meme!

Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms said...

Agreed. DER as a national language because seriously, if autocorrect accepts it, we all should. Ellen

RobynHTV said...

Just wait - inspired by Wub Boo Mummy, some choice pics of me as a childhood dork are cooking... :)

RobynHTV said...

Hey, it beats a lot of the other unofficial languages we have... just sayin'. :)

Anonymous said...

Ermahgerd those memes made me die!!!
I am so glad you stalked me, so that I could stalk you. I already can tell, I like you a LOT.

Anonymous said...

I remember the top left picture. I hope you all are doing great. It´s hard sometimes for a foreigner to understand the language. Love from Sweden

RobynHTV said...

Yay! Not only does that make me happy, but co-stalking is so much nicer than the creepy one-sided kind. :D

Anonymous said...

Ehmahgerd! I Thought you'd like to know that you are NOT the last to know. Thanks to you, I will now be armed with this highly important information for future conversations. Yer ers ferny!

RobynHTV said...

This is a great relief, especially for a person who didn't see ET until it had been out for about 20 years, long after it had been viewed by the inhabitants of remote Himalayan villages. Beware, you will get addicted, and you will get odd looks from loved ones and strangers, bert erts terterler werth ert.

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