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March Photo Challenge 8: Window

In the course of his gainful employment, Gerry gets access to some normally off-limits and out-of-the-way areas of buildings on the big college campus near where we live.  I don't know if he considers this more of a privilege or a pain in the rear, but either way, he does get to see some cool stuff sometimes.  Coincidentally, on the day the March Photo Challenge prompt was "Window," he happened to find this really cool, ancient, antique-y window up in the forgotten attic of one of those buildings, and even though it's probably full of poisonous lead and spider eggs, I WANT IT.  I WANT IT NOW!!!!  Ahem.

The only poisons I'm full of are alcoholic - I probably still have some eggs too, but not spider ones.
So vote for me, because I'm less deadly and spidery than an old window!
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