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March Photo Challenge 17: Green

In honor of St. Patrick's Day (and in mourning for her team's loss on Friday), Maddie wore her green Notre Dame dress yesterday.  It was given to her months ago by her grandparents, but she hasn't been able to wear it all winter since I can't have her running around bare-legged in the snow without little old ladies pouring in from miles around, tsking and waggling their fingers and telling me I'll let her catch her death of cold.  When I pulled the dress out of the drawer I thought I'd shrunk it in the laundry somehow, but then Gerry helpfully reminded me about how we've been feeding the baby and encouraging her to grow, and suggested that maybe Maddie is just bigger, rather than the dress mysteriously shrinking all by itself inside her dresser over the winter.  "That's dumb," I said, though he might be right.

You can tell in this photo that Maddie's still thinking about the last 2.8 seconds of Friday's tournament game (she just won't let it go).  She might be reminiscing about how hard her mother laughed to hear Charles Barkley (one of the top 10 best people on Earth to quote, as long as you do it in his voice) comment about the lane violation call, "My head is going to explode."  She might be ready to admit that technically - technically - the call was correct.  But nevertheless, somewhere deep down, she's probably still thinking about how those referees can kiss her right on her shamrock-embroidered Notre Dame fanny.

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LOVE MELISSA:) said...

I voted. I clicked on the banner. I hope I did it right! So cute!! LOVE the pic.

The Third Partier said...

sir charles really earned my respect the other night for calling the referees out for that. all those other shlubs on tnt were too busy towing the company line (don't criticize the officiating, as the brass frown on that, and the first amendment doesn't apply to sportscasters, or at least not to ones with no stones) to do the same. all due respect, but those guys are cowards.

i SAID "all due respect." :) good post, baby.

Laura Hernandez said...

Thank for linking up to the meet & tweet! I'm your newest Twitter & GFC follower.

RobynHTV said...

Thanks, Melissa! I'm sure you did it right - all you have to do is click, but it always seems like there should be more to it than that. I really appreciate it!

Third Party, you know Sir Charles had your respect after he declared his stance on how "turruble" it was that "Kim Jong il be craaaazy," because "he gonna blow up the world." Sir Chales, you had me at "turruble."

So glad to have you here, Laura! Thanks so much for following - your meet and tweet is a great idea, I'm glad I heard about it on Twitter!

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