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March Photo Challenge 10: LOUD (and could-have-been-loud)

On the Photo Challenge's LOUD day, my dear husband Gerry turned 40.  It is tradition in his family to sing the Happy Birthday Song while you're getting your face seared off by waiting to blow out your candles.  Duh,  you're thinking, Only everyone on the planet does that.   True, except his family sings it screaming loud and as off-key as humanly possible.  You can tell by the look on Maddie's face that it sounds... not good.  But, it does indeed qualify as loud, because what we lack in sound quality we more than make up for in quantity.

I also snapped a picture of a related topic, Almost Loud.  What the heck is Almost Loud?   you may ask.  Almost Loud is what happens when you blow out 40 candles, and they let off so much cliche 40th Birthday Candle Smoke that the smoke detector nearly goes off.

Seriously.  That was a lot of smoke.

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